Things You MUST Pack for Walt Disney World

So, here “I’ll release all my Wilderness Explorer training,” and share  important things you must pack for your Walt Disney World Vacation. It’s no secret that Disney World is the Most Magical Place on Earth and if you want to make the most of your vacation it’s important that the right items are tucked away in the carry-on compartment. Like our pal Russell would say, “an Explorer is always prepared!” with this list of essential items for your next trip.

Look At All This Stuff! Wow! You’re Going On A Trip?

  1. Cell Phone chargers and a backup battery, or two. The My Disney Experience App is a fantastic tool to meet all your park-going needs. And now that you’ll have to rely on it more than pre-Covid times, you’ll want to have full power for a full day of magic. I like this 2-pack from Amazon because they’re thin and easy to carry.
  2. First aid kit. A small first aid kit will help keep you on track for the day when minor bumps and blisters get in the way. Though first aid is available at no cost in all of Walt Disney World® Resort and Parks, small needs like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and cold meds come with a park-price tag. I love the travel-size ones from a dollar store or Target/Walmart travel-size section, this one from Amazon is great also, and not too heavy to toss in the backpack or stroller.
  3. Pochos. When the inevitable Florida rain decides to show up (even if just for an hour), you’ll want to be prepared and save from the adorable, slightly pricey park poncho. We carry 6-10 dollar store ponchos in a backpack for just-in-case moments. They’re great for covering a stroller, spreading out on a wet table or bench, and keeping people dry of course. Also, they can be tossed instead of saved after use because no one wants to put a wet poncho back in the backpack.
  4. Bleach wipes and hand sanitizer. Obviously. While currently in days of COVID-19, wipes, sinks, and hand sanitizer stations are in abundance across Walt Disney World® Resort property. It is helpful to have it more accessible, and we use it frequently, buuutttt – I get grossed out sharing that with others. Also I don’t like to jump out of line because my 4-year-old touched something gross so I always carry my own as well. Mini, clip on size are cheap so stock up and put them in your checked luggage.
    1. Pop-up laundry basket. This is one of my favorite travel tricks. We take one per suitcase nearly everywhere we go. Hotel rooms are not huge, and no one wants to chase dirty laundry around and move it from place to place. This is a lifesaver, and if you’re the person to wash all the things before the trip home, it’s a big help there as well.
    2. Reusable water bottles. You can get a free cup of water from any Quick Service location. If you are like me sometimes you won’t want to wait in line for a quick drink and it is so IMPORTANT for everyone to stay hydrated exploring the Most Magical Place on Earth. Small size CamelBak are my fave. They are compact enough to carry, have a hook to link to the stroller or backpack with a carbineer.
    3. Backpack snacks. This really should have been #1 on the list. There are a multitude of yummy snacks all over the parks – salty, savory, and sweets galore. Let me just share what parents know is no secret – when your child (or grumpy spouse) is feeling hangry you do not want to be snackless. Carry light snacks that are sustainable and not affected by heat. So skip the Snickers bar – the chocolate will melt. Think nuts, peanut butter pouches, applesauce pouches, granola, Goldfish crackers, protein or cereal bars, even an apple can hold up.
    1. Glow sticks. Night time at Disney is magical! You can, and probably will, buy a fun light up souvenir. You might not want to buy one each night, so pack some of your own. They are fun, lightweight to throw in a backpack and a great “surprise” for kids and kids at heart. We get these from the dollar store or the party section at Walmart.
    2. Gum. It’s not available at all on Walt Disney World® Resort property. So, if you love the little refresh, like my husband does, bring your own. I beg of you, please be respectful with your gum and find a garbage can when you’re finished, Expedition Everest is not the place to leave it.
    3. Autograph BooksClassic autograph books are available on property for a reasonable price, but if you want a jump or something a little more creative, I recommend purchasing them in advance from Amazon. If you really want something fun, try this Character Encyclopedia. The characters sign their very own pages and some of them (Ahem…the Step Sisters) will have a super fun time with those pages.
    4. Pocket Size Picnic Blanket. Use it for a quick rest, to stake a spot for the parade or fireworks, or to cover your stroller and backpack since it’s water resistant. 
    5. Disney Pins. Disney pin trading is a super fun activity for guests of all ages and you won’t regret purchasing them by lot for exchanging in the parks.
    6. Extension CordsWhile the newly refurbished rooms at your Walt Disney World Resort will likely have plenty of space, outlets, and USB plug ins, you may not get a room that has recently been remodeled. If your family is like mine, this will help be sure that there’s a space for every device to charge.

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