5 {Adult} Drinks You’ll Love at EPCOT

It’s time to explore adult drinks Around the World and I’ll share my Top 5 from EPCOT® at Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida.

EPCOT® is a family friendly park, there’s loads to explore with kids of all ages, but there’s a little something special for the 21+ crowd here. There are three distinct areas at this park: Future World East, Future World West, and the World Showcase. It’s here you’ll find 11 countries represented in a pavilion area and others sprinkled in booths around the lake. It’s a little bit of culture and a whole lotta magic.

“Drinking around the World” is an unofficial activity for those who enjoy a good beverage or two…or 11. {Please drink responsibly. It’s still a family destination. No child wants to watch you stagger; and no parent wants to explain why.}

Now, let’s line up those favorite beverages!

  1. Blood Orange Margarita on the Rocks. La Cantina de San Angel, Mexico Pavilion. This adult beverage is served salted with a sweet or spicy rim. {I recommend the spicy.} It’s worth the stop and it pairs so well with the Nachos.
orange beverage with orange rim, dark purple beverage
Mexican Sangria (left) and Blood Orange Margarita with spicy rim (right) - Mexico Pavilion
two plastic cups with pink beer
Schofferhoffer Grapefruit beer - Germany Pavilion
  1. Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen. Beer Cart, Biergarten Restaurant, Sommerfest, Germany Pavilion. I tried this beer for the first time many years ago from the Beer Cart, with a giant German pretzel {Which was delicious, and now a part of my Disney-routine.} Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen is now one of my very favorite beers and though I can get it at home, it’s just not the same. Light, refreshing, and not too hoppy.
  2. Italian Margarita. Via Napoli, Italy Pavilion. This one was a treat, friends. Usually I would go with Italian Sangria, a great glass of wine, or sip of Limoncello {best Italian drink ever}. One particular visit {My birthday}, our server suggested the Italian Margarita – a blend of frozen Limoncello and Grappa. It was so delicious that I made Husband order his own. We enjoyed it with pizza, of course. When in Italy…you know.
female author with pink adult drink in a martini glass
Yours truly enjoying a beverage
pink frozen beverage on the right, purple sangria drink on the left
Italian Sangria (left) and Italian Margarita (left)
  1. Tokyo Sunset. The Garden House, Japan Pavilion. There are two drinks at this location and they are both quite good. However, we have dubbed the Tokyo Sunset the best drink in the park Hands down. Be sure to add it to your list to try so you can decide if you share our opinion. It’s a pretty and yummy blending peach, pineapple, and banana. Summer in a glass. It’s a not-too-sweet dessert-y drink.
  2. Snake Bite Imperial Pint. Rose and Crown, UK Pavilion. Choosing a beverage at this location is the most difficult for me. Which is why I like to end the evening with an order of chips and a beverage or two. Not to mention when fireworks are happening, there’s a great view from the outdoor dining spots. I love many of the Pub Blends {and we’ve tried nearly all of them”, but this one is the most unique.
red orange yellow beverage
Tokyo Sunset - Japan Pavilion
dark brown, red beer with light up attached mermaid
Snake Bite - Rose & Crown "secret menu"

Check back soon for a full list of “Drinks Around the World”. And don’t forget to share your favorite EPCOT® beverage with us here or on social media.