Find the Fab 50 Statues at Walt Disney World

While the 50th Anniversary brought lots of amazing surprises to Magic Kingdom® Park, some of the special things like, the Fab 50 Statues, were spread all over the four parks at Walt Disney World® Resort. 

The statues are amazing to look at, fun to locate, and now with the addition of MagicBand+ they’ll interact with you as well! 

If you’re up for a challenge you can find them all and check the boxes on this fun list. 

19 Fab 50 Statues at Magic Kingdom® Park
  1. Abu. In Adventureland® you can find the tricky little monkey sidekick. He’s not on a platform like most statues, but tucked up high as you enter Adventureland®.
  2. Cheshire Cat. In Fantasyland® this feline is, of course, near the Mad Tea Party ride.
  3. Chip & Dale. The cute besties are in the Hub at the end of Main Street, U.S.A.® toward Cinderella Castle, across from Mickey and Minnie. 
  4. Daisy Duck. Near Cinderella Castle, behind the Partner Statue (Mickey Mouse and Walt). 
  5. Donald Duck. Near Cinderella Castle, to the left of the Partner Statue.
  1. Dumbo & Timothy. On the left across from the Hub toward Tomorrowland® Area. 
  2. Goofy. Behind the Partner Statue to the right near Cinderella Castle.
  3. Gus & Jaq. A little tricky to spot, because like Abu, this duo isn’t on a platform. You’ll spot them on the wall on the right-side of Cinderella Castle inside a turret. 
  4. Lady & the Tramp. Near the entrance to the Magic Kingdom® Park, near the flagpole across from Town Square Theater.
  5. Lumiere & Cogsworth. Close to Friar’s Nook on the Fantasyland® Turret.
  6. Mad Hatter. In the area right next to the Mad Tea Party.
  7. Mickey Mouse. In the Hub to the right of the Partner Statue.
  8. Minnie Mouse. Next to Mickey, of course, and the Partner Statue. 
  9. Orange Bird. On a perch instead of a platform, he’s small but easy to see near Skipper Canteen and Aloha Isle. 
  10. Pinocchio. Pinocchio can be found near Pinocchio’s Village House near the turrets into Fantasyland® Area.
  1. Pluto. Dogs stick together, and Pluto is next to Goofy near Cinderella Castle to the right of the Hub. 
  2. Pooh & Piglet. Pooh and friends are associated with Crystal Palace, so as you walk by you’ll spot their platform statue toward Adventureland® Area. 
  3. Stitch. Experiment 626 is by the infamous “purple wall” and Tomorrowland Terrace. 
  4. Tinker Bell. Face Cinderella Castle and look up high and left. You’ll see the pixie in the trees. 
4 Fab 50 Statues at Animal Kingdom® Park
  1. Timon &Pumbaa. Near the Tree of Life® and Discovery Trading Company.
  2. Simba. Alongside the dynamic duo of Timon and Pumbaa near the Tree of Life®.
  3. Nemo & Dory. Tucked away across from the Lion King friends near the Tree of Life®.
  4. Bambi & Thumper. In Discovery Island® near the Tree of Life® and Island Mercantile Shop.
7 Fab 50 Statues at Hollywood Studios®
  1. Joe Gardner. Is found tickling the ivorys near the Hollywood Brown Derby.
  2. Edna Mode. In the grass at Echo Lake and Dockside Diner.
  3. Woody & Bo Peep. Just to the right of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. 
  4. Frozone. Just by Edna in the grass at Echo Lake and Dockside Diner.
  5. R2-D2. The grass at Echo Lake is full of the Fab 50, and our favorite droid is there too, near Echo Lake.
  6. BB-8. Droids stick together, take a lap around Echo Lake and you’ll spot them.
  7. Sebastian & Flounder. Next to Hollywood Brown Derby just to the left.
6 Fab 50 Statues at EPCOT®
  1. Figment. Under the Monorail track on the walkway to what used to be Future World. Facing the World Showcase – go right.
  2. Dante. With his pal Miguel in Showcase Plaza – which splits Mexico and Canada. 
  3. Miguel. With Dante in the Showcase Plaza.
  4. Rocket & Baby Groot. Besties all around in the Showcase Plaza. Rocket and Groot are there too.
  5. Pua & Hei-Hei. In the Showcase Plaza on the right side when you’re facing World Showcase.
  6. Olaf & Bruni. It’s the collection of sidekicks and besties in Showcase Plaza. This Frozen duo is right next to Pua and Hei-Hei.