Fun with Disney Characters: What to Say at Meet n Greets

No matter your age – meeting the characters at Walt Disney World can be magical. It can be super fun to meet and collect autographs, but don’t be shy! Ask questions and often you can really get them to interact for a good time. I encourage my kids to do this all the time and I’ve tried some too! Everyone needs a little extra during a trip to The Most Magical Place on Earth!

Here are some ideas to get started.
pro tip star and sparkles

Choose one for each character – sometimes asking all the questions can be a lot!

Aladdin & Jasmine: 

  • Ask for a ride on the magic carpet Refer to Aladdin as a “street rat” 
  • Ask Jasmine about Raja 
  • Ask about Abu


  • Be sure to say “How do you do?” 
  • Ask about her favorite flower Tell her it’s your “unbirthday” 
  • Bring a book with no pictures to share with her 

Anastasia & Drizella (Stepsisters): 

  • Ask which one is the “pretty one” 
  • Offer your son to marry one of them 
  • Ask Drizella to sing 

Buzz Lightyear: 

  • Tell him he is a TOY 
  • Ask to press the reset button 
  • Ask what is beyond infinity 

Chip & Dale: 

  • Bring a couple of acorns 
  • Ask who has better dance moves 


  • Ask if she loves Donald 
  • If meeting at Silly Sideshow, ask your fortune 


  • Tell him he is #1 (Or funnier #2) 
  • Tell him you like him better than Mickey 
  • Ask him to shake a tailfeather


  • Ask where his tail is 
  • Tell him it looks like a beautiful (or gloomy) day 

Fairy Godmother: 

  • Ask if she can transform a pumpkin for you 
  • Ask her to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo something 
  • Ask her for a spare slipper 


  • Ask him who the love of his life is 
  • Tell him you love reading 
  • He loves to compare muscles & arm wrestle 


  • Ask if he takes Pluto for a walk 
  • Ask if he does his own stunts 
  • Ask to see his muscles 

Mary Poppins: 

  • Ask about Bert 
  • Ask her to say “supercalifragilistic” backwards 
  • Ask why your room doesn’t clean itself when you snap your fingers 

Mickey Mouse: 

  • Ask him to Hot Dog Dance with you 
  • Tell him your favorite flavor of cheesecake 
  • Ask about his best friend

Minnie Mouse:

  • Compliment her outfit, shoes, or bow
  • Ask how long she will wait for Mickey 
  • Ask if she loves Mickey

Peter Pan: 

  • Ask about the lost boys 
  • Ask about Hook 
  • Ask how to get to Neverland or how to fly


  • Tell him today is your favorite day 
  • Ask him how to spell LOVE


  • Bring him a dog biscuit, toy, or ball 
  • Tell him he’s a “good boy/dog” 
  • Ask to scratch his ears 

Princess Ariel: 

  • Bring a dinglehopper (fork) or two 
  • Ask if you can become a mermaid 
  • Ask to take a “shelfie” 

Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty): 

  • Ask if she likes pink or blue 
  • Ask which is her favorite fairy: Flora, Fauna, or Merriweather 
  • Ask if she likes to take naps 

Princess Belle: 

  • Ask her favorite book 
  • Ask which book the Beast likes best 
  • Ask about the “gray stuff” 
  • Ask her if the Beast is scary 

Princess Cinderella: 

  • Offer to trade her shoes 
  • Ask about Gus & Jaq 
  • Ask about riding in a pumpkin 

Princess Elena: 

  • Ask to learn Spanish – or speak in Spanish if you can! 
  • Ask to “Dance the Flattering Fans”
  • Ask her favorite song

Princess Merida: 

  • Ask how Scotland is different from Disney World 
  • Ask for archery lessons and how she got so good 
  • Ask about her brothers 

Princess Rapunzel: 

  • Ask her to do ballet
  • Ask about Pascal
  • Draw her a picture!

Princess Snow White: 

  • Ask her the names of the dwarves 
  • Ask which is her favorite dwarf 
  • Give her an apple 

Princess Tiana: 

  • Ask her favorite thing to cook or what she’s cooking today 
  • Ask what it’s like to kiss a frog 
  • Ask for her jambalaya or beignet recipe 


  • Bring a toy Simba (he will reenact the movie) 


  • Ask him to do an Elvis impression 
  • Greet him with “Aloha!” or “Hang 10!” 
  • Refer to him as “626” 


  • Ask him for a bounce lesson 
  • Say TTFN 


  • Tink is afraid of pirates! 
  • Ask her for some pixie dust 
  • Ask her favorite invention 

Winnie the Pooh: 

  • Pretend to forget your pen and say, “Oh! Bother” 
  • Tell him you love “hunny” 
  • Ask if he is hungry 

No matter your age, there’s always magic in meeting characters! I hope this list helps you make some memories.