Disney World Chef Art’s Homecomin’ – Restaurant Review

Comfort food so good, make you wanna slap your momma! Friends, I am not sure I can describe the deliciousness of this menu. It. Will. Change. Your. Life. {Yes, that’s dramatic. No, I don’t care.} Chef Art’s is a repeat dining experience for us, and I recommend it to most folks I know who are traveling. It’s good for foodies and picky eaters – and the bar is tasty too.

Here’s what you should know about the Garden Grill Dining Experience.

  1. Advanced Dining Reservation (ADRs) are required for this location. Chef Art’s Homecomin’ is one of the most-popular restaurants on Walt Disney World Resort® property and especially at Disney Springs® Area. You’ll want to snag that ADR as soon as possible. Currently, ADRs can be made 60 days prior to arrival. Homecomin’ is known to take walk ups.
  2. Location. Located at Disney Springs® Area at The Landing. Need to know how to get there? Check out the blog on Disney Parks Transportation
  1. Food. Let’s drool over the menu, shall we? Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ serves brunch, lunch, and dinner. We dined at dinner time (three times) so I’ll walk you through what we enjoyed. We tried the Bunch of Puppies from the appetizer menu and they ranked in some of the best hushpuppies I’ve had. Middle K {my 10-year-old chef in the making} will tell you they are the best she’s had. We skipped the sandwich menu, but I hear the Fried Chicken Sandwich and the HFK Barbeque Bun are delish. I’ll add them to my next visit. There are soups and entrée-sized salads to choose from, but Husband and I were there to EAT. So we skipped that option too. I ordered the Country Fried Steak and Husband enjoyed Art’s Famous Fried Chicken. Our kids had a cheeseburger {Little K is 4, and picky}, Momma’s Mac and Cheese, and the kid’s Fried Chicken Sandwich. Everyone was more than happy and we all boxed up leftovers to take back to our resort. Friends, let me share that this food tastes like it came right out of your grandma’s kitchen if your grandma was a southern comfort food cooking queen. There was no hint of “restaurant-y” flavor, it was so real and authentic.
Country Fried Steak and Green Beans with Mashed Potatoes
Kid's Chicken Sandwich and Mashed Potatoes
Fried Chicken Salad
pro tip star and sparkles

The Hummingbird Cake. A giant portion of this memory-filled dessert was just what I dreamed it would be. Traditional Hummingbird cake is a pineapple-banana cake with cream cheese frosting. Chef Art slices up three layers perfectly flavored and moist. I took a few bites for nostalgia and boxed the rest to enjoy at breakfast the next day. {Worth it!} This one has a special nostalgia for me – my grandma used to make this often!

  1. Atmosphere. The atmosphere feels like farmhouse chic, and the menu matches with a comfort food base but elevated to give a fine dining vibe. It is super kid-friendly, but brings a drink list worth a look. {And a taste or two. There is also an outdoor bar with seating for walk up drinks and a “grab-n-go” menu.} The service was Southern-friendly. The décor is full of details {I especially like the nod to hens} and you could spend time just looking around if interior design is your jam.
  1. Extras. The outdoor bar is super fun, if you want to walk by and some food items are available here. They call it “Shine on Tap” and there are typically 5 or 6 flavors available. You can get them individually, in a flight, or mixed in a cocktail.
pro tip star and sparkles

You can get a to-go waterbottle filled with your favorite. This is refillable – with moonshine or (free) soft drinks for life!

All of our kiddos raved about the ice cream and donuts. Have you been to Chef Art’s Homecomin’? What was your favorite dish?