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Disney World Space220 – Restaurant Review

Guest Writer: Matt

Lift Off, for an out of this world dining experience at Space 220. The properly named space-themed restaurant, Space 220, is located next to Mission: SPACE in EPCOT at Walt Disney World. 

After check-in, our immersive dining experience began with an elevator ride 220 miles above the surface of earth.  Our party of four watched EPCOT, Disney World, Central Florida, and Earth shrink as we propelled towards the Centauri Space Station. 

Once we docked at the space station we proceeded to the main dining room where we were greeted with an amazing dining room view of Earth.  The views kept our attention with Earth, the stars, and even a few astronauts floating around while we enjoyed a round of drinks and then on to our appetizers, main course, and desserts. 

For our meals, my wife and I started with the Roasted Beet Salad and the Tuna Tartare.  Our main entrees were the Slow Rotation Zero G Short Ribs and Galactic Miso Salmon.  The salmon was served covered with a smoke filled glass dome.  Servers remove the dome at your table, and a perfect campfire aroma sets the stage for an out of this world dining experience. 

Overall, the amount of food served was perfect for our dinner.  After paying, we took in one last view of Earth and proceeded back to the elevators for the 220-mile descent back to earth. 

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While riding the elevator to and from the Centari Space Station, be sure to look up and down.  As travelers leave Earth, it’s great watching everything get small but you can look up and see where you are about to dock with the Space Station.  For the descent, look up to watch your elevator leave and watch the monitors below for the return to Earth. 

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Here’s what you should know about a Space 220 Dining Experience.

1. Advanced Dining Reservation (ADRs)

Advanced Dining Reservation (ADRs) are recommended for this location. Space 220 is a very popular experience at EPCOT.  You’ll want to snag that ADR as soon as possible. Currently, ADRs can be made 60 days prior to arrival.

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Space 220 also offers a lounge, so if you can’t snag a reservation at Space200 the restaurant, you could try to get a reservation (for a smaller party) at the Space220 Lounge. You’ll sit in the same “space” (see what I did there) as the diners but on a raised platform near the bar at a smaller table. Usually a 2 top or 4 top, so break your group into smaller parties. There’s a limited appetizer and dessert menu and a full drink menu here. Secret tip: you can order most items from the regular menu here as well, but you’ll pay full price.

2. Location

Space 220 is located at the Mission: SPACE pavilion within EPCOT.  A valid theme park admission for EPCOT is required to be able to proceed to the restaurant. Check out the blog on Disney Parks Transportation

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3. Food

Space 220 is currently a prix-fixe experience for lunch and dinner.  For lunch, adult guests enjoy a 2-course meal, where you select one of each, a Lift-Off (Appetizer) and Star Course (Entree’).  During dinner, adult guests enjoy a 3-course meal, selecting one of each, Lift-Off (Appetizer), Star Course(Entree’), and Supernova Sweets (Dessert). For both lunch and dinner, kids select one of each: Star Course (Entrée),  Supernova Sweets (Dessert), and Celestial Beverages (Drink).

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Space 220 has an amazing bar team and can mix up fun, out of this world, cocktails.  Be sure to ask your server for their recommendations, and look forward to vibrant colors and presentations. 

4. Atmosphere

Space 220 is an upscale table-service restaurant.  Lighting is slightly dimmed, but adequate to see your way around the entire dining floor.  While you dine, there are multiple windows available with daytime and nighttime views of Earth. 

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5. Dining Plan and Discounts

Dining Plans not accepted at this restaurant. 10% discount is offered to Disney Vacation Club members and Disney Annual Passholders.


Learn more about dining at The Most Magical Place on Earth – Walt Disney World from our Dining Guide or create a “Dining Bucket List” of your own with a free printable.

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Guest Writer – About the Author:
Matt is a fellow travel planner at Orange Grove Travel who loves character meals, poolside drinks, hidden bars, unique rides, and immersive park experiences.

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