How to Choose a Resort for your Disney World Vacation

Well you’ve already decided to stay on property! Now the question is which resort is right for you? Choosing your Walt Disney World Resort location can be super fun! There are over 25 resort options to choose from that can certainly feel overwhelming. In this post I’ll break down what you need to know to choose your Walt Disney World vacation resort.

Here are few quick things to consider:

  1. location
  2. cost
  3. amenities
  4. space

Like in life you can’t have your cake and eat it too, so you’ll have to prioritize these things. 

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A travel professional (ahem, like me) who specializes in Disney destinations can certainly help you make the “best right” choice for your family, but I hope this list helps you begin to sort all of the amazing and magical options.


Consider the location of your resort because you’ll be leaving often to go to the parks or Disney Springs and likely early in the morning. When you’re tired. Similarly, you’ll be returning to it later in the day, when you’re tired – mentally and physically. Some resorts are closer than others to parks. 


This is your official reminder that cost is a factor but it isn’t the only factor. When you are looking at the cost of your resort choice or options, also consider the other factors like amenities and space. 


It’s common belief that the resort is just the place you sleep. Maybe that’s true on other vacations, but this is a Disney World vacation – guys. It’s the Most Magical Place on Earth and not just when you’re standing next to the Tree of Life or Cinderella’s Castle. 

Resorts offer dining, entertainment, pools, splash pads, theming, decor, and a whole vibe. You’ll want the one that feels just right. Category amenities are listed later in this post and more details can be found on each of the resort pages on the Disney site and in our (coming soon) reviews.


I think this one is the largest (no pun intended) factor to balance cost. Want more space, spend more money – isn’t entirely accurate when you’re considering a Disney Resort choice. But this is about your travel party size and square footage.

Resort List

Walt Disney World has four resort categories.

  1. Value
Art of Animation
Pop Century Resort
Caribbean Beach Resort
Port Orleans Riverside
  1. Moderate
  1. Deluxe
Polynesian Resort
Contemporary Resort & Bay Lake Tower (left)
Polynesian Bungalow
  1. Deluxe Villas 

It’s wise to get the “lay of the land”, or lay of the World if you prefer, by checking out the resort maps. You’ll get a good idea of your preferences.

You really can’t choose a “wrong” resort option on property. Remember a travel agent who specializes in Disney locations is always your best go-to for making tough decisions about where to stay at Walt Disney World Resort.

Do you have a dream to stay at each Walt Disney World resort on property? It can’t just be me! I’m checking them off as I go and you can too.