Why to Use a Travel Agent for Your Disney Vacation

Are you wondering…

  • What time should I arrive at the park?
  • How long does it take to get there on Disney transportation?
  • Where can I get the bus?
  • Which parks should I go to?
  • What is the best order to visit parks?

You came to the right place. The Most Magical Blog on Earth is run by me – a wife, mom, Disney lover, and travel agent who specializes in Disney destination travel. 

Why should you work with a travel agent?

This question comes up often when I talk with people so here’s why…

  1. Save money! Good travel agents will keep an eye out for available discounts that could be applied to your vacation so you don’t miss out on any savings.
  2. Disney News! Disney is always making changes to improve your experience, TAs who specialize in Disney follow a million news sources and will keep you informed of any changes and new things taking place during your trip. Disney isn’t the same place it was 10 or even 5 years ago.
  1. Save Time! Instead of you waiting on hold with Disney, your travel agent is only a call, text or email away. Not really liking the idea of having to get up early to make those coveted dining reservations. They have you covered! And a good TA for Disney destinations will have some tricks up their sleeve for finding what you want – no guarantees, of course, but some mad skills.
  2. Vacation Assistant. As a TA, my job is not to take over your vacation but to help enhance your experience and make sure you get the most out of your time there. Think of them as an extra set of hands or a backup. They’ll be as involved or hands on as you need, even if it’s just someone the bounce ideas off of. I have clients who book their resort and tickets and then say “Please do everything else for me and just tell me what to do when I get there.” and others who prefer to send me their list of dining preferences and times and every combination of needs in between. This is your vacation – a TA is just your professional knowledge expert and doer of things.
  3. Shop Small. You’re helping someone grow their small business dream and it would mean the world to them. Promise.

Want to get the most from your vacation? A travel professional is your best bet. Travel Agents do NOT work directly for Disney (and if they say they do, I’d keep looking), but they do complete training and become authorized by Disney to sell Disney travel. Not all travel agents are created equal, so spend some time checking their reviews, websites, social media accounts. They really can help you make the most of the magic and the most from your budget. 

Our original travel agent group at Animal Kingdom!

What should you ask a potential travel agent?

  1. How long have you been a travel agent?
    • This isn’t necessarily to eliminate new agents. My first 5 clients are still some of the best ever and they come back to me often and send their friends my way. New agents still know A LOT of good stuff, if they’re with a reputable agency then they’ve been trained and taught. What you’re really looking for here is someone who devotes time to this job – not as a hobby, but as a profession – full or part time.
  2. What training have you completed? 
    • Every agent who sells Disney travel must complete Disney’s College of Knowledge – so if you’re agent hasn’t then I’d keep looking. What you really want to know here is “What else have they completed?” Was there additional training from their agency, have they attended any onsite or remote training from Disney? 
  3. Tell me about your agency?
    • There are distinguished agencies authorized to sell Disney travel at levels called “Earmarked”. It takes some time and valiant effort to receive this and there are various levels. Ask if they’re and Authorized by Disney agency and inquire about Earmarked status.
  1. Where can I find your reviews, references, and referrals?
    • Travel agents probably keep a list of referral families. Truth be told – I am a member of a local social media group and I have a strong following of moms who have planned with me in the past and often recommend me to their friends. I’ve also received trips transferred by clients who were unhappy with their previous agent (though that’s rare, it happens). Check social media, websites, and ask directly for references and reviews.
  2. How often or how many times do you visit? 
    • This doesn’t make or break an agent- for example an agent who travels 6 times a year isn’t guaranteed to be “better” than one who travels once a year, but it is important that your agent knows Disney – so regular visits can be helpful. I visit at least twice a year currently and religiously follow news and updates.
  3. What services, tips and tricks do you provide? 
    • Some agents provide nothing – remember any extras, tips, tricks, flyers, and gifts from your agent are coming from their pocket – not from Disney. While Disney pays a commission on qualifying travel – it’s not a super high amount. Good agents want you to have an amazing time and they want your return business and referrals – so they’ll give everything they know to you. 
  4. How can I best contact you?
    • Just like clients prefer to be contacted differently, agents do as well. Inquire with your agent the best way to get them. I tell my clients – if it’s an emergency, like a family member is sick and you can’t go, or you need to miss a dining reservation – text me. If you just want to know when your balance is due or which restaurant is the best, or Sally from this Facebook group said never go in December – you should email. Your agent will certainly have a preferred method and this is helpful to prioritize everyone’s needs. 

There are many great agents out there and I (surprise) recommend myself or someone with Orange Grove Travel Company. It’s special to plan with someone who loves Disney and is running a small business combined with their passion.