Yummiest Snacks in the Magic Kingdom

Maybe it’s just me, but I vacation for two reasons – entertainment and food. A vacation to Walt Disney World ® Resort is no exception. I will 100% rearrange my whole plan for the day to get the snacks, treats, or meals that I want into my belly. If you like good food and drink on your vacation, you are my people and I welcome you. 

Here are some of my favorite snacks at Magic Kingdom® Park.

  1. Loaded Tots. There are a few varieties of loaded tater tots at the Friar’s Nook that you can grab rather quickly (thanks Mobile Order). This is a snack to share or a meal – your choice. The menu rotates between macaroni and cheese with bacon loaded tots, buffalo chicken loaded tots, and rumor has it (because I haven’t seen them) a bacon bacon variety. You’ll find a breakfast version too with sausage gravy – my next WDW food goal is to determine if the Friar’s Nook version is as good or better than the scrumptious breakfast tots at Woody’s Lunchbox over in Disney’s Hollywood Studios®. Find it at: Friar’s Nook in Fantasyland®. PRO TIP: Other tot versions are also available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios® and EPCOT®.
  1. Egg Rolls. This tasty snack is not just a typical egg roll, there are some great flavor options. My favorite so far has been the cheeseburger egg roll served with a ketchup dipping sauce. Also seen here in the past: Reuben egg roll, Philly steak eggroll, Pastrami egg roll, and the pizza egg roll. Find it at: The Adventureland® Egg Roll Cart.
  1. Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich. I found this by accident as I arrived at the window too late in the day to get my beloved Fresh Fruit Waffle. This waffle is just as crispy and flavor-filled served with a good portion of fried chicken breast and topped with a crispy, not-too-sweet coleslaw. Great for lunch or a tide-you-over snack. Find it at: Sleepy Hallow near Liberty Square
  1. Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich. Ok, friends, this is my very favorite treat in all of Disney Parks and Resort. The same crispy flavorful waffle from our Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich is now smeared with hazelnut spread and loaded with fresh sliced strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. Big enough to share, but you don’t have to!  Find it at: Sleepy Hallow near Liberty Square.
  1. Cinnamon Bun. It’s literally as big as your head and oh, so scrumptious. It’s served warm – be sure to ask for extra icing. And a side of Le Feax’s Brew is a a great addition. Find it at: Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland®.
  1. Pineapple Dole Whip.  A stop in Adventureland® can quickly become a repeat exercise in your day. Starting with the classic Pineapple Dole Whip in a cup or traditional vanilla pineapple swirl is a great choice. Lucky for you so many variations on the classic – various flavors like coconut, raspberry, lemon, and lime can be found across Magic Kingdom ® Park. Find most flavors at Aloha Isle in Adventureland®.

My favorite Dole Whip spin off is the Tropical Serenade – Coconut soft served over POG juice (Pineapple-Orange-Guava) with a delectable Pineapple Upside Down cake pop. If you don’t know about POG juice – it’s a party of flavors in your mouth. Find it at: Aloha Isle. 


A fun variation – Peter Pan Float, is made from lime soft serve over Sprite with the cutest chocolate red feather. Find it at: Storybook Treats.


If soft serve is not your jam – or you want a dessert that won’t melt so fast (see my poor coconut soft serve below)…the Fifi Mimi Gigi and Pineapple Upside Down Cake are available seasonally at Aloha Isle.

  1. Citrus Swirl. You’ve probably heard about the Dole Whip options before, but the Citrus Swirl makes my “must have” list every trip and I think it is often overlooked! If you try it, you must let me know what you think. Find it at Sunshine Terrace in Adventureland®.
  1. Turkey Leg. It’s famous, you’ve heard about it, and it’s surprisingly kind of delicious. For all your low-carb eating fans this is essential to your day. (If you’re like my gluten-free friend Jessica, you’ll go back for more than one.) It’s smoked to perfection and so juicy you will need a stack of napkins. Push up your sleeves and enjoy, carnivores. Find it at: Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland®, Liberty Square Market (after 11am – PRO TIP: it’s usually a few dollars less at this location). 
  1. The Mickey Pretzel. A classic craving with salt (or without if you’re me) and a side of cheese dip. This snack hits the spot for me every time. There’s really something magical about Mickey-shaped food. Trust me. Find it at: snack carts all over the Magic Kingdom® Park. PRO TIP: You can find this version and several other non-Mickey varieties of pretzel across all Walt Disney World® Resort. Here are some other favorites: cream cheese stuffed pretzel and sweet cream stuffed pretzel are currently available at the Magic Kingdom® Park.
Did your favorite snack make the list? 

Are you super excited to try one?