10 Great Snacks at EPCOT

Maybe it’s just me, but I vacation for two reasons – entertainment and food. A vacation to Walt Disney World ® Resort is no exception. I will 100% rearrange my whole plan for the day to get the snacks, treats, or meals that I want into my belly. If you like good food and drink on your vacation, you are my people and I welcome you. 

This is the hardest place for me to narrow down snacks. They are all so good! 

Known for food and drink and it’s rare to visit EPCOT® when there isn’t a wonderful festival happening to showcase all the deliciousness.  This post will cover the Must Have anytime snacks, but keep reading for more festival food faves. 

  1. Maple Caramel Popcorn. This is a love it or hate it treat. Crunch popcorn not covered in caramel like in Germany, but in Canada’s favorite sap – maple. If you have a refillable popcorn bucket from anywhere in the parks – you can fill it with this treat for a special price. Find it at the Popcorn Stand in the Canada Pavilion. 
  2. Fish and Chips. I know it’s not technically a snack, but a quick service meal. If you share, it’s snackable. And it is absolutely worth it. Crispy light breading and thick cut chips (in America we call them fries, and they are tasty). Find it at Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the UK Pavilion.  
Fish n Chips - Yorkshire County Fish Company (UK Pavilion)
  1. Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich. This dessert comes with phases. First, choose your favorite ice cream (I like the strawberry). Next, your favorite topping (hot fudge with strawberry is delightful), and finally, sit back and watch the magic. They’ll place this sweet melty treat into a warm fresh brioche bun and squish it in a sort-of sandwich maker. The ice cream inside will be cool and delicious. Find it at L’Artisian des Glaces in the France Pavilion.
  2. Bechamel Cheese & Ham Crepe. So, Google translate tells me that bechamel just means sauce, but I think it means heaven sauce. A cream sauce with ham wrapped in a super light, made to order crepe. This is a savory treat, but there are also sweet options here inside at the Table Service or Quick Service window. Find it at La Crêperie de Paris in the France Pavilion. 
  1. Kaki Gori. A cool treat made from shaved ice and sweet flavored syrup. The sweet milk on top is optional, but you do not want to skip it. We love to mix the tangerine and strawberry flavors. Find it at the Kaki Gori stand in the Japan Pavilion.
  2. Caramel Butter Bar. Care-a-mel or Car-a-mel, either way – it’s gooey, buttery, not too sweet and so soft and chewy. There are lots of yummy things to grab in this area of EPCOT® but this one is at the top of my list. Find it at Karamell-Küche in the Germany Pavilion.
  3. German Pretzel. The perfect salty snack to pair with your favorite German beer. It’s no Mickey pretzel, but it is Jumbo sized anve vegan (who knew?). A side of spicy mustard will make it even better. Find it at the Beer and Pretzel cart in the Germany Pavilion.
  1. School Bread. This is a simple treat and I insist on it nearly every visit, it is not your average pastry. Light dough stuffed with creamy vanilla custard and rolled in toasted coconut. Find it at Kringla Bakery og Cafe in the Norway Pavilion.  
  2. Nachos. Ground beef, beans, tomatoes, jalapenos and sour cream over super crispy homemade chips. It’s shareable with 2-4 people. Pair it with the Blood Orange Margarita from our 5 {Adult} Drinks You’ll Love at EPCOT list. Find it at La Cantina de San Angel the quick service stop in the Mexico Pavilion.
  1. Cronut. It sounds like a supervillain, I know, but it is really half donut and half croissant makes the flakiest, butteriest, not super sweet treat you’ve ever had. It might be life-changing. The original is yummy covered in cinnamon and sugar, but seasonal varieties are a real treat. I was once lucky enough to have the chocolate iced raspberry version. Find cronuts at the Refreshment Port near Test Track.

Fall brings the Food and Wine Festival, followed by winter holiday celebrations, and then the Festival of the Arts. Spring and summer turn into the Flower and Garden festival to EPCOT®. Check out some other food favorites on the blog.