Say Cheese! Where to Find Ride Cameras at Disney World

In addition to all the wonderful PhotoPass photographers, there are other places to have memorable photos taken from your trip – RIDES!! Some attractions are equipped with cameras to catch your expression as you plummet down Splash Mountain or meet T-Rex on DINOSAUR.  Of course, you want your photos to look fantastic, so here is a little cheat sheet on when to say “cheese”!

Magic Kingdom:

  • Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin:  When you warp through the tunnel at the end of the ride and enter the second room with Zurg, the camera is right when you get in front of him.
  • Space Mountain: At the beginning of the ride, your coaster will take a U-turn.  Right after the turn is when the camera takes your picture.
  • Splash Mountain: The camera is at the very end of the ride as the boat goes down the hill.  Look scared to get wet!
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: Has two cameras, one at the drop as you leave the mine and one on a curve toward the beginning before you enter the mine.  The slow-motion video on this ride can be pretty funny too!
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: As you prepare to exit a haunted grotto and dive in to the Golden Age of Piracy, look alive ye swashbucklers and say “parlay”!


  • Frozen Ever After: Look up and left just at the beginning of the small hill
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind: Location coming soon!
  • Spaceship Earth: This ride actually tells you where the camera is and when to look.  The bad thing is – this will not show up on your Memory Maker photos.  So, snap a picture of the screen to have a copy.
  • Test Track: As you are about to “crash” through the wall and start speeding up quickly.  (So during the totally “windblown” look.)

Hollywood Studios:

  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster: Look up and to the right just as your limo takes off at 60 mph!
  • Slinky Dog Dash: This photo is at the second launch. Slinky makes a u-turn just after slinking up and down the 4 hills – say cheese! 
  • Tower of Terror: When you start to feel the hot Florida air, you know you are getting close to the outside of the building, which is when the video will start.  When the doors open to the outside, you should see the camera directly in front of you. It will snap the photo as you drop – so scream loud! 

Animal Kingdom:

  • DINOSAUR: **Spoiler Alert** When the T-Rex pops out mid-ride, the camera is just above him.  It will be on your right.  It is not difficult to look scared, because – well – you are.
  • Expedition Everest: As you escape the Yeti, the coaster will take you back outside the mountain.  Just as you come out for the big drop, the camera will be on your right.

If you have Memory Maker PhotoPass, ride photos and video are collected when you scan into a ride using Lighting Lane or you can look for and scan your photo at the exit of the ride. Use your Magic Band, Key to the World Card, or Mobile Magic in MyDisneyExperience to scan and collect your photos. Want to know more about Memory Maker PhotoPass – check out this post.