Drink Around the World at EPCOT

Exploring food and drink at EPCOT is a great way to spend the day. If you want the short list – check out the list of 5 {Adult} Drinks You’ll Love at EPCOT. We love drinks and are big fans of good beer around here so we’ve put together a full list of favorite beverages for those of you who accept the Drinks Around the World Challenge (NOTE: this is made up and not in any ways sponsored by Disney, of course.)

IMPORTANT Tips to Drink Around the World

There are some tips to keep in mind if you plan to Drink Around the World. 

  • Hydrate. Get a glass of water with each alcoholic beverage you enjoy.
  • Eat. I recommend a snack to share in every or every other country. We all know the consequences of drinking on an empty stomach.
  • Go in groups. Drinks are always more fun with a crew. More to share snacks and drinks with. Eleven drinks in a day is not a great idea for any ONE person, so share! The bartenders at Disney don’t play around and some drinks are super strong – you don’t want to embarrass anyone by having too much.
  • Take your time. While it isn’t an official runDisney event, Drinking Around the World is a marathon and not a sprint. If you start when the World Showcase opens at 11am, you’ll make it around 11 countries smoothly – even with stops for snacks and potty breaks (there will be a LOT of them).
  • Grab a Passport! You’ll want something fun to document your adventure – and your favorite drinks. I love this one!

Doesn’t matter if you prefer cocktails, wine, or beer, there’s a beverage for everyone. The full list of favorites for each of the 11 countries is here. We start in Mexico because it’s the best option – obviously. 


  • Cocktail: Blood Orange Margarita on the Rocks. La Cantina de San Angel, Mexico Pavilion. This adult beverage is served salted with a sweet or spicy rim. {I recommend the spicy.} It’s worth the stop and it pairs so well with the Nachos. Inside the Pavillion – you can find the Avocado margarita that is super popular (it’s not my fave). 

  • Beer: Yes, they have Corona. No, you shouldn’t get it. Cielito Lindo is a good option to try something new.


orange beverage with orange rim, dark purple beverage
  • Cocktail: Love, love the Viking Coffee at Kringla Bakery which is served iced or frozen. If you’re ready for a snacky-snack add a School Bread because they are perfect together. 

  • Beer: Norway has two beers on draft at the beer cart – both are pretty good. My preference is the white ale – Einstök White. The other option is a porter – which my husband would prefer.

  • Cocktail: Plum wine is sweet, but refreshing and smells delightful. You can get a small (sample) or full size glass at Lotus Blossom Cafe.
  • Beer: So the downside to starting in Mexico is that when you get to China you’re not quite tipsy enough to accept that there are no good beers here. Charge on, friend, and try the Tsingtao at Joy of Tea.
  • Cocktail: Germany practically invented beer (just ask my part-German husband), so you can grab a shot of Jägermeister or try a German wine.
  • Beer: Schöfferhofer Grapefruit for the win! This is good for early on in your journey, because it doesn’t have a super high alcohol content, but it is one of the yummiest fruity beers ever. If you don’t want a fruity beer (even though you should) the Warsteiner Premium Dunkel is also delicious. It’s snack time and I recommend a pretzel to soak up the beverages you’ve consumed so far. 
two plastic cups with pink beer
pink frozen beverage on the right, purple sangria drink on the left

You might be ready for more substantial food at this point, if you are, I recommend a reservation at Via Napoli (they have a great bar selection).

  • Cocktail: Italian Margarita. Via Napoli, Italy Pavilion. This one was a treat, friends. Usually I would go with Italian Sangria, a great glass of wine, or sip of Limoncello {best Italian drink ever}. One particular visit {My birthday}, our server suggested the Italian Margarita – a blend of frozen Limoncello and Grappa. It was so delicious that I made Husband order his own. We enjoyed it with pizza, of course. When in Italy…you know.
  • Beer: If you’re inside Via Napoli, there are many Italian beers to choose from on the menu. If you are looking for something outside the restaurant – Tutto Gusto is a great choice and a decent selection of beers. Birra Moretti was our preference here.
red orange yellow beverage
  • Cocktail: Tokyo Sunset. The Garden House, Japan Pavilion. There are two drinks at this location and they are both quite good. However, we have dubbed the Tokyo Sunset the best drink in the park hands down. Be sure to add it to your list to try so you can decide if you share our opinion. It’s a pretty and yummy blending peach, pineapple, and banana. Summer in a glass. It’s a not-too-sweet dessert-y drink.
  • Beer: I adore hefeweizen beers, and there is a good one here (though I had to get two drinks because I couldn’t skip the Tokyo Sunset) – Ginga Kogen is yummy. If a lager is your preference then you can opt for Kirin Ichiban – but you can get that anywhere.

It doesn’t count if you skip this one! 

  • Cocktail: Moonshine flights! This is seasonal at the Regal Eagle, but they always have Tennessee Lemonade which is frozen lemonade + Jack Daniels.
  • Beer: Sam Adams has its own booth, but you can also get Bell’s and Angry Orchard at the Regal Eagle. As a very big American craft beer fan, I am always disappointed in the beer selections here – America can do better with beverage selections.
  • Cocktail: Blood Orange or Pomegranate Mimosa is the cocktail of choice here at Spice Road Table.
  • Beer: There’s only one beer from Morocco here – Casa.
  • Cocktail: Grand Marnier slush, is the best. I get one each visit to EPCOT – it would be number 6 in the 5 {Adult} Drinks You’ll Love at EPCOT list. 
  • Beer: Kronenbourg 1664 is the French beer of choice, and you’ll be ready for a snack – so try a crepe or brioche ice cream sandwich. Find more EPCOT snacks here.
United Kingdom
  • Cocktail: Welsh Dragon at the Rose & Crown – bright green and fruity.
  • Beer: Second only to Germany in my book, lots of great beers here. It’s also my favorite spot to enjoy a beverage while watching the nighttime show on the water. Classic Bass or Harp’s of course, but even better you can try a “Bumble Bee” or “Snake Bite” for a an extra twist. 
  • Cocktail: A Canadian twist on cranberry vodka – the Ottowa Apple is amazing. Crown Royal whisky FROZEN (or chilled) and infused with apple and cranberry juice. Get these near the Maple Popcorn cart (and treat yourself to that interesting snack!).
  • Beer: There are a few amazing Canadian beers to try – the cart usually has 3 on draft- trust me you want something on draft. I like the darker choice – Trois Pistole. 

Let us know your favorite drink!