Best Snacks from Disney Springs

Maybe it’s just me, but I vacation for two reasons – entertainment and food. A vacation to Walt Disney World ® Resort is no exception. I will 100% rearrange my whole plan for the day to get the snacks, treats, or meals that I want into my belly. If you like good food and drink on your vacation, you are my people and I welcome you. 

Here are some of my favorite snacks at Disney Springs®. The greatest thing about this list is that you don’t need a park ticket to grab these scrumptious snacks.

  1. Gideon’s Cookies. You’re going to ask if these are worth the hype. They are.  I was doubtful, on my first two visits to Walt Disney World® Resort the line was known to be 6 hours long. I love food and I love cookies, but I do not love waiting 6 hours. By visit two, Gideon’s had set up a virtual queue, which is still active on busy days now. To join the virtual queue just show up at the entrance, find the worker with the iPad and they’ll get you on the list. Then you explore the rest of Disney Springs until you get the magical text to enter. Original Chocolate Chip is my favorite (I’m a purist when it comes to good cookies), but you’ll also find Peanut Butter Crunch (honorable mention/second place from me), Triple Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream, and some seasonal options like Pistachio Toffee Chip, Candied Walnut, and Coffee Cake. On my “must have bucket list” is the Chocolate Cherry they have from time to time. Find this at Gideon’s Bakehouse, Disney Springs®.
  2. Gideon’s Peanut Butter Cold Brew. It’s like dunking a creamy peanut butter cookie into your very favorite iced coffee, but without the floating crumbs. Find this at Gideon’s Bakehouse, Disney Springs®.
  1. Sprinkles cupcake. Cupcakes from a bakery or cupcakes from an ATM, either way they are delicious. I enjoy fruity desserts so my favorite is the Strawberry, but my chocolate loving family will choose the Dark Chocolate or Chocolate Marshmallow. Find this at Sprinkles Bakery, Disney Springs®.
  2. Homecomin’s Mac n Cheese. Noodles – good. Cheese – good. Baked crunchy bit on top – goooooood. This is the best cooked and creamiest mac n cheese on all property. You can get it with a full meal or just as a quick snack. Since this is a snack list – that’s what I recommend. Find this at Chef Art’s Homecomin’, Disney Springs®.
  3. Chicken Guy – all the sauces. They have great chicken sandwiches and chicken tenders too, but it’s really about the dipping sauces here. Find this at Chicken Guy, Disney Springs®.
  1. Sweet Potato Tots. You’ve had these other places, I’m sure of it, but you haven’t had any this good before. They are perfectly cooked each time I’ve had them, sweet, but savory with the sprinkle of seasoning and parmesan cheese on top. I order them from the walk up and snack while I walk. There are enough to share, but you won’t want to. Find this at Polite Pig, Disney Springs®.
  2. Slider Trio. Three sliders, three meats. Fried chicken with a smokey sweet glaze, slow cooked brisket topped with a pepper onion mix that is so tender the whole thing kind of melts together, and a classic pulled pork topped with grilled onions. Shareable as a snack and all for you if you want a meal. Find this at Polite Pig, Disney Springs®.
  1. Daily Poutine. Poutine is meat and cheese covered French Fries and the classic Canadian is my first pick, but you’ll find other options like Italian and Korean inspired as well.  Find this at The Daily Poutine, Disney Springs®. 
  1. Petite Cake. Amorette’s Patisserie is full of fancy treats that are as much fun to look at as they are to taste. Often they change with the seasons. I enjoyed the Mickey Petite Cake – a super light Chocolate Chiffon Cake, Milk Chocolate Mousse and Orange Pate De Fruit Jelly OR Lemon Chiffon Cake, White Chocolate Mousse and Strawberry Pate De Fruit Jelly.  The chocolate orange is my recommendation. Find this at Amorette’s Patisserie, Disney Springs®.
  1. Hot Fudge Sundae.  The world’s greatest chocolate meets ice cream. I craved hot fudge sundaes during pregnancy so I became a sort of expert. Any flavor ice cream topped with housemade Ghirardelli fudge is the best. Find this at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop, Disney Springs®. 
  2. Coke Sampler. The flight of Coca Cola products is quite fun and family friendly (but there are adult beverage options too). You can try the Coke Float including root beer and Cherry Coke (yum) or just the beverage option not a la mode. The kids will love this one. Find this at Coca Cola Store & Rooftop Beverage Bar, Disney Springs®. 
  1. Frozcato made with DOLE WHIP® Pineapple. Wine + Dole Whip. That’s really all you need to know – oh and you can get it “to go” if you like. I enjoyed mine on the balcony outdoor seating with a fun view. Find this at Wine Bar George, Disney Springs®.
There is so much to see and do and shop and taste at Disney Springs®. Check out more posts for favorite dining spots at Disney Springs and super fun entertainment.