Where Can I Get Coffee at Magic Kingdom

There are two camps of people when it comes to coffee at Disney Parks – Joffrey’s or Starbucks. Joffrey’s is a Tampa-based coffee company that can be purchased worldwide. They became the official coffee of Disney in 2012, even though Joffrey’s was first served at Disney since 1995. {Fun Fact: Disney only served Nescafe before Joffrey’s arrived.} You’ll find Joffrey’s served in every location with coffee at Disney from restaurants to snack locations and at Disney Resorts, including in your room, except for Starbucks.

Starbucks came to the Magic Kingdom over a year later and then popped up with one location in each Disney Park. 

pro tip star and sparkles

PRO TIP: If you’re a Starbucks fan, be on the lookout, much like a Hidden Mickey, they’re not easily spotted.

I have a personal preference for sure, but coffee connoisseurs are still in debate on which is better. If you’re planning Disney vacation and planning on early mornings, you’re definitely asking – Where can I get coffee? Here’s the list!

Starbucks at Magic Kingdom

There’s one Starbucks location in each of the four parks at The Most Magical Place on Earth. At the Magic Kingdom you’ll find Starbucks at the Main Street Bakery, midway down Main Street across from Casey’s Corner and just before The Plaza.

pro tip star and sparkles

PRO TIP: Starbucks at Disney sell park-specific merchandise. So if you see a Starbucks mug with a Magic Kingdom design, buy it now, it won’t be available in other locations.

Combined with the yummy smells wafting down the street from the Confectionary and the view of the Castle, this is one of my favorite Starbucks locations.

Joffrey's Coffee in Magic Kingdom

Like I mentioned before Joffrey’s is served all over at restaurants and resorts at Walt Disney World, in the Magic Kingdom, here’s where you’ll find it.

  • Joffrey’s Revive. Located in Tomorrowland near Space Mountain. With specialty coffees, holiday or seasonal brews, and the GIANT donuts. This location is close to a big batch of tables for a quick break and some people watching.
pro tip star and sparkles

PRO TIP: While in line for your Joffrey’s coffee, place a mobile order at the Lunching Pad nearby – they serve breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

  • Joffrey’s Cold Brew can be found at Friar’s Nook and Pinocchio Village House. Both can be mobile ordered.
  • Joffrey’s Specialty. 
    • Westward Ho, a hidden gem in Frontierland, serves Pumpkin Coffee YEAR ROUND!
    • Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, located in Liberty Square, also known as the home of the very best snack in all of the Magic Kingdom – the Nutella Fruit Waffle, offers flavored iced coffee and regular hot coffee.

Pair a little caffeine with your Rope Drop. If you need to know where to find coffee at Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT we’ve got that covered too.