Disney World Skyliner Bar Crawl

Staying at a resort that is on the Skyliner line is super fun, super convenient, and super magical. But you don’t have to be staying there to enjoy some of the fun. There are lots of fun stops for exploring the resort, dining, and especially drinks. On a few grown-ups only trips to The Most Magical Place on Earth, I had a blast on a Monorail Bar Crawl. 

This version of the Skyliner Bar Crawl includes stops in the park. If you don’t have park tickets, or just don’t want any park time for this adventure, you can skip those stops and save them for ticketed days. 

STOP 1: Hollywood Studios

Are there other places at Hollywood Studios® to get drinks? Yes, for sure and you can find the complete list in Best Drinks at Hollywood Studios (link coming soon). I chose these because they’re the easiest to get to  if you plan to visit multiple destinations. 

  • Baseline Tap House. Beer flight and a charcuterie. It doesn’t get better. 
  • Brown Derby Lounge. The Brown Derby has a sit down restaurant that is fantastic with a great drink menu, but when you’re on a bar crawl – you can usually get a spot at the Brown Derby Lounge. It’s outdoor seating with a limited menu and the same great drink options.
  • Peevy’s Polar Pipeline. I know you’re thinking, “It’s a frozen Coke. C’mon?” But really this sleeper secret window is worth a stop. You can get your frozen Coke spiked and it’s worth it. It’s located facing Echo Lake on the opposite side of the lake from Indiana Jones. 
pro tip star and sparkles

PRO TIP: Looking for a good snack at Hollywood Studios – here’s the list.

Baseline Tap House beer flights, pretzel, and charcuterie board
Brown Derby margarita flight

STOP 2: Riviera Resort

  • Le Petit Cafe. Take a ride on the Skyliner to this beautiful resort and enjoy a drink at one or both of the bar locations. I love the Aperol Spritz, but if you need a little boost, maybe a specialty coffee here and a cocktail at the next stop.
  • Bar Riva. Coco di Paradiso is my favorite on this menu, and you really can’t beat the view from the outdoor seating.
Coco di Paradiso (left) and Magical Beacon Cocktail (right) from Bar Riva
Entrance to Le Petite Cafe at the Riviera Resort


Are there other places at ECPOT to get drinks? You bet your Lightning Lane there is! I chose these because they’re the easiest to get to  if you plan to visit multiple destinations. Check out 5 Adult Drinks You’ll Love at EPCOT®

  • Les Vins des France. Grand Marnier slushy, all day for me. If you need something a little more French, pick a champagne! This booth is located near the International Gateway entrance (where you come into EPCOT after exiting the Skyliner), across from Chefs de France. It is easy to access for a yummy frozen beverage.
  • Rose & Crown. If you’re on the go, I recommend the beer cart outside the restaurant. If you’re sitting down at this location for a meal – there’s a fun secret drink menu – ask your server! UK beers are my favorite options of all the beers at EPCOT! Spoiler: I have a lot of favorite drinks at this park!
pro tip star and sparkles

PRO TIP: Need a good snack at EPCOT – here’s the list

Grand Marnier Orange Slush - France

STOP 4: Boardwalk Resort Area

  • AbracadaBAR. A friend and I found this place one night while waiting for a slice from the pizza window. It did not disappoint! Such a neat vibe inside and bartenders who are chatty-friendly. The cocktail list is fun! 
  • Big River Grille & Brewery. The beer list is too extensive for them to even list it online. The wine and cocktail list are both great. You’ll find lots of options here – try to only have one. 

STOP 5: Art of Animation

  • Drop Off Pool Bar. Pool bars at Disney typically have similar drink menus, but this one is special. The Spiked Dole Whip is the way to go here. Enjoy pool side or take it back to your room. I also enjoy sitting on the benches near the Skyliner for people watching.

STOP 6: Pop Century

  • Petals Pool Bar. My personal preferences are PinoColava and the Blueberry Lemonade. If you need some nostalgia, take a walk around the statues are fun for pics and poses.

STOP 7: Caribbean Beach

  • Banana Cabana. Two favorites here are the Pink Guava Colada and the Frose. If you need some solid food, I recommend the Jerk Chicken Wings. Sit by the pool or on a hammock in the sand with a view of the lake.

Like most bar crawls you can mix up the order, I think that’s especially true for this one where the order of the stops doesn’t matter too much.

Important Tips for Drinking at Disney

Much like in the 5 Adult Drinks You’ll Love at EPCOT® and Drinking Around the World at EPCOT® posts, I’ll give you my advice (& disclaimer) to keep in mind if you plan to enjoy multiple beverages at Disney. 

  • Hydrate. Get a glass of water with each alcoholic beverage you enjoy.
  • Eat. I recommend a snack to share in every or every other country. We all know the consequences of drinking on an empty stomach.
  • Go in groups. Drinks are always more fun with a crew. More to share snacks and drinks with. It’s ok to share drinks! The bartenders at Disney don’t play around and some drinks are super strong – you don’t want to embarrass anyone by having too much.
  • Take your time. While it isn’t an official runDisney event, it is  a marathon and not a sprint. You can spread it over a couple of days if needed.

Some other crawls will recommend that you go to EPCOT® for a drink too, and it’s technically on the Monorail, but I like to save it for its own special day of libations and fun. Looking for more grown up adventures – try the Monorail Bar Crawl! 

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